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Auto Frame Repair Shop in Portland, OR

After an auto collision, it's important to take your vehicle into a qualified shop to inspect the damage. Certain problems, if left untreated, will just create larger issues in the future. Avoid the hassle by visiting our auto frame repair shop in Portland, Oregon. We provide complete restoration for any make or model. Trust us to get your car, truck or SUV back on the road with our auto frame repair.

Driving straight is one the most important aspects of your vehicle. After a crash or accident, some parts of the frame become bent. When that happens, you need a trained team able to locate the full extent of any damage. We offer auto frame straightening using the latest technology. This ensures a perfect drive for you. Whether you need car frame alignment or general collision repair, our garage has the tools and mechanics need to repair your vehicle.

Choose Auto Frame Repair Professionals

Unlike some other garages that just do dent removal, Diamond Coat Auto Painting & Collision Center is a fully featured shop. Our auto frame repair professionals know cars, trucks and SUV's inside and out. We have more than 35 years of experience in repair and restoring vehicles. If there's a problem to find, our team is sure to locate it. Experience the difference a dedicated team of professionals makes when it comes to your car or truck.

Precise and Accurate Auto Frame Straightening Services

Nothing is worse than having your car repaired only for it to not drive properly. Avoid that headache by relying on our high-quality auto frame straightening. We take time to ensure everything is perfect before handing you back the keys. Our garage is one of the most advanced shops in the entire area. Armed with the latest alignment equipment, we produce a laser-straight finish each and every time. Drive with confidence after visiting our repair shop.

Auto Frame Repair Shop In Portland, OR

The Importance of Proper Car Frame Alignment

A car, truck or SUV out of alignment presents a wide variety of undesirable issues. Drifting off center, harsh vibrations, and excess tire wear are only some of the problems that occur. Protect your vehicle by coming in for proper car frame alignment. We focus on producing the smoothest rides possible. Just some of the outstanding benefits our services add include:

• Increased Tire life • Smoother Ride • Improved Quality • Better Fuel Economy

Contact our auto frame repair shop to receive exceptional service after an accident. We proudly serve clients in Portland, Milwaukie, Gladstone, Oregon City, and Gresham, Oregon, including the surrounding areas.

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